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Hello everyone!, Mike On The Run Team here and we are extremely proud to announce some BIG NEWS! Mike Mercier has signed with KSH A Social Media Production Company to help with his brand building for both his U.S. crowd and overseas in Europe! This brings over talented reinforcement to his marketing efforts and we’re looking forward to building a better brand over the next 6 months – 1 year. The following is the latest post from KSH detailing the partnership!


Posted at KSH:

I am supremely stoked to announce the latest client to sign with KSH, Solo Acoustic Artist Mike Mercier!

Mike has been playing in the Arizona valley since 2000 and has built up the reputation as one of the busiest players in the game. Making a living out of playing music is no easy task and Mike has been able to carve a career for himself as a full time musician for the past 10 years. In recent years he has expanded his career to perform overseas and has played extensive runs in Denmark, Sweden, the UK, Scotland and Ireland just to name a few. Mike’s passion for building his career shows in his work ethic and signing with KSH is the perfect next step for advancing his brand.

In todays economy, separating yourself from the rest of the pack is the name of the game and the best way to do that is by building a brand for yourself. Mike has understood the value of this as his profession requires him to constantly promote himself at his shows and to his audience. Making him the number one choice in peoples minds is a constant and this is something that we will build upon.

The process of building a brand isn’t easy and takes creativity, passion and most of all persistence. However by defining the specific goals that Mike is looking to achieve with his career, we will be able to devise a plan and implement a phase driven goal system which can be monitored and evaluated as we go. There is no cookie cutter template to building a brand and I look forward to the challenge.

By signing with KSH, Mike will receive my full gamut of services including a new responsive website which serves up his content tailored to any platform (laptop, tablet, mobile etc), regular video updates through a branded youtube channel, regular website blog updates, social media account management (facebook, instagram, twitter, etc), newsletter campaign management, graphic design services, event planning and much more.

Building a brand takes work but the payoff in the end is worth the work. Mike has realized the importance of a premiere branding strategy and choosing the right agency to help take his career to the next level is no easy decision. With the implosion of the music industry as we know it, the next move that musicians need to embrace is homegrown brand building and KSH is designed to do just that for any product, business or service.

To kick things off, We’ll be throwing a ‘Welcome Back!” Happy Hour on Thursday Oct 2nd at Rula Bula Irish Pub on Mill Ave in Tempe. Mike is coming back from his latest 3 month tour in Europe and we couldn’t think of a better way to kick of his return and his signing to KSH other than a party with some of his closest friends and fans. I will be producing video updates from the party that will be posted on his website for everyone else that couldn’t make it, more specifically his international fan base.

To find out more about Mike Mercier you can visit his new website designed by KSH and mark your calendars down for Thurs Oct 2nd to join us to welcome Mike back in style. You may get a spot in the video update from the party so bring your smiles:)

Stay Branded My Friends

– Mike Hill | KSH CEO



As you can see there are some great things in the works for Mike and his “Mike On The Run” brand. Make sure you keep it locked here and don’t forget to sign up for our Newsletter to get the latest development delivered to your inbox. We appreciate all signups as we know email is personal to you and we respect this fact sacredly. Thanks again for all the support out there from folks whom have been going to the shows and who have been keeping in touch via this website, newsletter and social media. We can’t thank you all enough!

– Sincerely,

Mike On The Run Team



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