Go On, Be True

At long last, I bring you my first single in far too long! “Go On, Be True” was recorded/mixed/produced at Memory Motel Studio in OsloNOR/HamburgDE by Kristoffer Asknes, for whom I can’t find the words of praise and gratitude for his immeasurable skill, musical expertise, and most of all when having to work with me, patience! The track also features Johan Edvardsson on drums, who came in on a moments notice and knocked it out in one take, having heard the rough demo once and translating my verbal drum cues (dum dah bloom blum boo, ts ts ts). I’ll write up a thing about how the whole thing played out later, but for now…. hope you dig🤘🏼
Search whatever platform you get your music from. Any proceeds from purchases will go to further recordings of a full album 😉👍🏼

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